Better Food

real canadian

You can be sure that every bite of our tasty tender chicken comes from chickens raised by Canadian family farmers on Canadain farms.

The birds are hormones or steroids free, free to roam around in climate-controlled barns where they have access to freshwater and nutritious feed at all times.

Halal by hand

We are proud to offer tasty, healthy and halal food at our restaurants. Our chicken is sourced from suppliers that are in full accordance with traditional halal standards. “Halal by hand”.

100% chicken

We use 100% chicken breast, with no fillers, flavours and preservatives. Martianted in our signature recipe and prepared to deliver delicious big crunch.

hot & fresh

Everyone deserves better food and that’s where ChickQueen comes in. Every dish is freshly made to order. Freshness is everything at ChickQueen. We are committed to authentic, traditional ingredients and cooking techniques, ensuring the highest level of flavour and care with each dish.


Tell us when you’re hungry and we’ll deliver smoking hot chicken directly to your door.